A weekend in… Crete!

1 luglio 2011

Have a walk on the sand of one of the beaches of Crete, after a swim, with a white, light, almost transparent, shirt which blows on the wind, with a hat on the head, look at the sea and imagine how was this island thousands of years ago…
Sink into the mythology, fantasizing about the life of such an ancient and important civilization, then look around searching for the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman imprints… There is nothing more interesting and fascinating!

Zimmermann nude swimsuit with grecian gold hardware
3.1 Phillip Lim white oversized sheer cotton shirt with two large slanted chest pockets
Musa crystal-embellished leather sandals
Rag&Bone sand wide-brimmed hat
Seafolly all day tote
Husam El Odeh narrow gold bangle with melted effect
A Peace Treaty bone bangle with gold wrap details


Anastasia B. Calmotti

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