4 ottobre 2010

What makes a woman beautiful and prosperous?
Of course flowers; flowers given by men. Daniel Tribouillard, the founder of the Léonard brand, is known for decorating his collections with orchids and he gives us exactly that happiness, beauty and youth of the flowers.
And in his new spring-summer 2010-2011 show he presented silk dresses, tunics and trousers flashing with pink and turquoise prints.
Jersey dresses are simple, airy and feminine.
Mini shorts and light silk sleeveless blouses create an image of a naughty girl.
The designer added leather tassels to handbags and dresses.
Somewhat surprised was the appearance of model in a white poncho, worn over something looking like a swimsuit. And the dressing gown.
Among the accessories can be noted leather belts and thin braids around the neck.
In general, the collection will be to the liking of the most demanding audience.
The designer remains true to his floral direction, for which he is loved and appreciated not only in France but in Russia and Japan.

Evgenia Ilinskaya
Photo credits Leonard