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Shibukaru Festival女子文化祭

14 novembre 2011

28 October – 07 November 2011, Shibuya Parco held a creative and inspiring cultural activity named ‘Shibukaru Festival’.
This festival collected 100 young women from various genre of creativity field.
Creative and young tenants are shown their talents and exhibited the artwork in this festival.
10月28日至11月7日2011年,Shibuya Parco 举办了一项创意性的文化活动,名为女子文化祭。
There have exhibition of photography, artwork, creativity and more.
Besides, there is live girl’s talk, music event and fashion show (Jenny Fax) for the public at 30 October too.
There is a Parco city for public to shop the items which appeared in this festival after the completion of the event.



除此之外,一项女子演说,音乐活动和时尚走秀(Jenny Fax)也于10月30日进行。
文化祭活动后,Parco City网站也摆设了一些展览上出现的作品,并公开销售。