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3D-alike rings3D 戒指

15 giugno 2011

We are familiar with the 3D effects as we could enjoy the impact visuals when we are watching the movie.
So how about 3D-alike jewelry which we could wear on for our style?
Cosa Fina Jewelry created a raw collection which mixing and matching the modern metal jewelry peppered with precious gemstones.
那能带在我们身上的3D 戒指呢?
Cosa Fina Jewelry 推出了一款以现代金属饰品结合珍贵宝石的饰品系列集。
A pretty 3D-alike gemstone been designed on the surface of metal ring, and it’s very attractive to wear just like you are really carry it between your fingers.
Combining well-trained technique and impressive design, Cosa Fina Jewelry brings us the beautiful art of design and style.
With affordable price, girls will definitely grab one and bring it back too!



结合良好的技术与迷人的设计,Cosa Fina Jewelry 带给我们美丽的设计与风格合并的艺术。