A weekend in.. Istanbul!

24 Giugno 2011

It was Byzantium and Constantinople, and many other names.
One of the most, culturally and historically, important cities in the world! A link between East and West.
You can not remain but charmed by its architecture, unimpressed by its history, not fascinated by the colors of the tiles of palaces, the prints and colors of the fabrics and the smell of spices and incenses at the Grand Bazaar, the oldest and one of the largest covered markets in the world.
Dilek Hanif, a major turkish fashion-designer and a beautiful woman, an emblem of modern Turkey and an ambassadress of its culture, creativity and style, gives a good description of her city: “It is a place where tradition and innovation co-exist in perfect and synergistic harmony, enhancing the world of fashion, design, photography and art with totally new codes and messages. Its walls, museums, towers and holy sites serve as a background to the forward directions that life always takes, to the kaleidoskope of colors and shapes that cuts across the metropolis, to the free, cosmopolitan and multiethnic creativity that thrives here.”


Etro multi coloured silk dress
Issey Miyake vintage green loose knit sweater
Reece Hudson leather envelope style oversize clutch
Joie leather cutout flat sandals
Yves Saint Laurent bronze-tone metal bracelet
Barbara Biffoli oxidised silver drop earrings
Paige Novick 18k gold plated brass cuff with a lapis stone medallion


Anastasia B. Calmotti

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