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Black-Swan fashion ride黑天鹅时尚之旅

6 aprile 2011

Remember that Natalie Portman dancing beautifully on the stage when performing the movie, Black Swan?
It had stir up ballerina chic style widely.
Feather, tutus and crystals become the fashion must-have and spotted many branded also infused feather-edge into their Spring 2011 collection such as Chanel and Alexander McQueen.
依稀记得Natalie Portman演绎Black Swan时在舞台上翩翩起舞的场景吗?芭蕾时尚人儿的风格借此广泛地掀起了一股热潮。
羽毛,薄纱裙和细钻成为了时下必备时尚品。许多品牌例如:Chanel和Alexander McQueen也争相推出有关商品并注入了羽毛元素于春季2011时尚集。
When wearing up the tutus with flowy fabrics, it seems like telling a romantic love story in ballet and this is what I captivating the most on tutus.
As we know, the costumes which appeared in the movie ‘Black Swan’ are designed by these two young talented of Rodarte, Kate & Laura Mulleavy sisters.
They know how to implement the pretty fashion elements into their design and won kind of awards in the fashion field.
‘State of Matter’ by Rodarte holds in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Los Angeles (MOCA) which exhibited Rodarte Spring 2010, Fall 2010 and Fall 2008 collection. The original costume wore by Natalie Portman in the movie also presented in the exhibition.
Beauty of the Rodarte design is fully brought out through the feather-inspired pieces which hang up in the hall. Swarovski elements been widely applied on the design which also added the feel of classy. We are amazed by the talent of these young designers.
Nice exhibition, well-designed and the delightful air of Spring, be ready to take this swan-ride for coming spring!



众所周知,Black Swan 里头的戏服是出于Rodarte 两位年轻女设计师之手,Kate 和 Laura Mulleavy姐妹。
近期里,他们在The Museum of Contemporary Art of Los Angeles (MOCA) 博物馆里举办一项名为‘State of Matter’的展览,展示出Rodarte的春季2010,秋季2010和秋季2008的时尚集,以及Natalie Portman在演绎Black Swan里头的原装戏服。
一件件羽毛设计的衣服被悬挂在厅里,更加凸显了它的轻盈之处。亮眼夺目的Swarovski elements也添加了几分高贵在美丽的羽毛裙上,让人不禁赞叹这两位年轻设计师的才华。