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Epidermal Little Mirrors to the Soul看穿心灵的衣物

25 Maggio 2011

We see a lot of prints on the garment.
The most common prints we know are flags, cartoons, words, artistic imagery, badges and so on..
even Karl Lagerfeld’s face also be included popularly on the shirt pattern.
Karl Lagerfeld的脸型图样也被广泛地打印在衣服上。
Terrence Bray introduce a fresh concept on Winter 2011 collection with its inspiration where ‘Epidermal Little Mirrors to the Soul’.
Showing the faux human body parts’ prints on the garment, Terrence Bray brings out an amazing theme which people are always intrigued what’s hidden truth been covered behind the clothes.
He brings captivating illusion to the clothes through handprints on the shirts’ side pocket, back print, a wedding ring on the finger and much more which an alluring collection is comes to life.



Terrence Bray推出以‘透过镜子看穿心灵’的新鲜概念在冬季2011集里。
呈现人造的人体部位图样在衣料上,Terrence Bray带出惊人的主题为人们总是好奇衣服背后隐藏的写实。