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Isetan Japan x SO-EN magazine x Bunka Fashion College伊勢丹 × 装苑 × 文化服装学院

20 luglio 2011

An amazing collaboration between Isetan Japan, Bunka Fashion College and SO-EN magazine for Isetan with the celebration of 125 years, which are planning to produce pieces which are well-designed with label of “Made in Japan”.
伊勢丹,装苑 和文化服装学院称奇的合作以庆祝125周年。
顺道也为了推出更多叫好的设计,其来自于 “日本制造”。
The students of Bunka Fashion College are able to get more practical experience to produce clothes and selling their work pieces at the Isetan.
All of the works are very creative, and the students also well-collaborate with Isetan stuffs to produce better quality of creation which are most suitable for consumers.