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La Jardinière

30 Aprile 2011

Theo by Tim Van Steenbergen introduces his Trees Collection with each shade named after the trees of Belgium, home of designer extraordinaire. His dynamic repertoire includes jewellery for Swarvoski, Lycra Xfit Jeans, Barbie outfits, installations for the Biënnale of Venice, an haute couture dress for Museum of Fine Arts and Lace in Calais, France, costumes for fine performance artists, and also the artistic director for Belgian label Luc.Duchene.
Oak, Beech, Pine, Maple, Spruce, and Ash are the six new prized models in elegant rich, earthly browns and greens complete with lush floral colors of coral, red and purple. The metal sidepieces remind you of the organic textures of a bark. Stylish, natural round contours and large high quality Zeiss lenses to give you the sun coverage and protection that the Z-symbol guarantees, not to mention how cool and hip you’ll look while others are sporting the passé pair seen in yesterday’s tabloids. ‘Trees’ are the perfect complement for an afternoon promenade on the hill. Designed for the lady gardener in us who loves nature and sees the world in the delicate, sensual folds of a pristine flower with a certain je ne sais quoi.