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Lights up the head accessories点亮头饰

20 Aprile 2011

Lights represented hope for us, and pretty lights are always drawing fully attention among people who love beautiful moments. So do I.
Creative head accessories are cooler than wearing a hat as the accessories playing the main role for a complete look. It could be heightened the overall styling and presented the fun and interesting elements on the look.
A new Autumn/Winter 2011 collection by Piers Atkinson which named “Paris” be introduced and it’s shown 36 extraordinary head accessories with shaped of lights, fruits, sheers, lamps and feather.
The unconventional fashion element which draw the balances between the grunge and glamour feel of women.
Make up with shade of darker is pretty matchy with the strong head accessories, and the colour usage such as darker gold, blue, purple, red and black are well-defined on design pieces.
Lights up a head accessories for yourself and you are probably be the next bright fashionista in coming seasons.



Piers Atkinson 推出一集秋冬2011头饰系列并命名为“巴黎”,展示出36款以光,水果,薄纱,灯及羽毛的形状做出非常特别的头饰。