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Special Window Display by Issey Miyake x Fumie ShibataIssey Miyake x Fumie Shibata的特别橱窗展示

13 settembre 2011

Fumie Shibata collaborates with Issey Miyake to build a special window display at two of Issey Miyake stores.
Included  HYPERLINK “http://www.isseymiyake.co.jp/ELTTOB_TEP/” Elttob Tep Ginza, Tokyo and  HYPERLINK “http://www.isseymiyake.co.jp/ELTTOB_TEP/” Ellttob Tep Minamisenba, Osaka store.
Fumie Shibata与Issey Miyake合作并推出了一个特别的橱窗展示。
包括了 HYPERLINK “http://www.isseymiyake.co.jp/ELTTOB_TEP/” Elttob Tep Ginza, Tokyo和 HYPERLINK “http://www.isseymiyake.co.jp/ELTTOB_TEP/” Ellttob Tep Minamisenba, Osaka store.
Fumie Shibata is an industrial designer who is one of the representative designer of  HYPERLINK “http://www.design-ss.com/” Design Studio S. 

the window display fully show out the feel and theme of Issey Miyake Fall/Winter 2011/12 collection.
Angles, cubes, shapes in sharp and sleek cut designs are the main introduction of the collection as above, and Fumie Shibata uses cube and shapes in sharp to connect the theme of collection with her window display.
To bring out the whole new concept, this is very interesting and related with it.



Fumie Shibata是一位工业设计师也是其中一位在 HYPERLINK “http://www.design-ss.com/” Design Studio S.的设计师代表。
橱窗完全展示了Issey Miyake秋冬季2011/2012的主题。
角度,形状,立体和利落的剪裁都是主要的强调,Fumie Shibata也用了以上的元素来连接整个橱窗与衣服集的联系。