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Splendor in Joyas

23 Aprile 2011

The gift of poetry is that it encapsulates the ordinary and transcends it to something magical, evoking the mysteries of another realm very close to our world. Vicente Gracia’s, one of Spain’s leading jewelers says, “The catharsis of jewels begins with a poetic whisper which then passes to an investigation process to provide a piece of sincere truth”. Channeling this empyrean philosophy, he masterfully transpires his artistry with an eyeful of the divine in an intricate marriage of decadent opulence and refined craft. Gracia has been described as the “jewelry poet” and also noted by Vogue as one of the 20 most prestigious jewelers in the world. The rich use of ancient symbolism takes us on a journey of bygone eras into a world of romance and adventure, recreating myths for the modern world.
Available at Barneys.com, CoutureLab.com, and www.kabiri.co.uk.


more information: vicentegraciajoyas.com