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The magic doll

7 Maggio 2011

A mysterious caped magician unveils a tantalizing bohemian doll. Fast forward the gypsy to 2011 in Paris, and she’ll be wearing Indian designer Manish Arora F/W collection. Imbued with a sparkling array of colors, intricate hand embroideries, decadent fabrics of silk, velvet, leathers swathed in aubergine and deep teal Saga furs, futuristic silhouettes, and prints inspired by Berlin artist Amrei Hofstätter’s “magic child,” this dazzling collection is nothing short of spectacular. Especially note the laser cut vinyl evening dress and metallic pink armor shaped embellishments. Like a magic show, Arora folds and unfolds various details that delivers a hypnotic yet luxurious feast for the senses.



Image Source: Amrei Hofstätter’s
three’s a charm