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The new cosmetic way什么因素让你着迷于一款化装品牌?

30 marzo 2011

What’s the factors make you obsesses and sticks to consume with a cosmetic brand?
M.A.C knows how to grab consumers’ attention through the beautiful illustration which expressed in a sense of well-polished cosmetic art by an American artist.
Appears in types of magazine, this artist rocks the cosmetic with his own creativity and imagination to the fashion lovers.
M.A.C 通过一位美国艺术家并使用美丽的插图来呈现精心打磨的化妆艺术。
Adding on with different cosmetic graphics which painted on the face of models, I could see the tailored yet inspirational message behind the various doses of colour.
But, what I find so captivating about ‘Beauty Manipulation’ by Jason Naylor is the layering artistic effects which shown throughout his collection.
The pop out of vibrant colours make a strong visual impact and unique than other usual cosmetic collections.
Jason Naylor used the colourful cosmetic graphic to create a 3-D alike images which make me think that how great of the combination between art and fashion.



但是,最让我着迷的是多层次感的艺术效果呈现Jason Naylor的系列里头。
Jason Naylor 擅用多彩色的插图并完成3D式的影像,让我更加深知艺术与时尚结合一起的巧妙之处。