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Tie up with Louis Vuitton fashionable handcuff扣上Louis Vuitton的时尚手铐

13 Aprile 2011

The beauty which attracted me the most is the Rebel component, something inexplicable, unforgivable and provocative.
A more polished, sleeked and disciplined fashion element widely shown in Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2011 collection. Marc Jacobs in the challenging mode and bring us the new-defined length of dress and creative accessories of the season.
Louis Vuitton 秋冬2011系列展示了更加圆滑及规律的时尚元素。Marc Jacobs处于挑战性的状态并在这个季节里带给我们崭新的裙子长度和创意的饰品。
Below-the-knee pencil skirts are embellished with see-through flashing sheer and more clean cuts to shape the figure. The handcuff-inspired accessories been tie on both of the hands seem like women’s big screaming that “I want freedom in fashion, now!”
Belts with shinny cordovan successfully shaping the beauty of layering on different fabrics; peter-pan collared draws toughness of women; peaked cap tells the strong-minded and the mask brings out the women beauty of mysterious.
Ready for this coming Fall and Winter, tie up yourself with the well-design handcuff accessories, screaming the freedom of fashion loudly and let’s be your own styling master in fashion!