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12 Dicembre 2011

DESIGNTIDE TOKYO 2011 is held at Midtown, Tokyo, starts from 29 October until 03 November to showcase the creative prototypes which would amaze your minds.
“Trading design, trading ideas” which is the theme of this year, emphasizing to showcase young designers present new thoughts and form it in sustainable design.
于10月29日至11月3日2011年,DESIGNTIDE TOKYO 2011 在 Midtown, Tokyo进行中。
This exhibition is all about textiles, fashion, products, interior designs, architecture, graphic design which created to improve our living and value.
And the most amazing part, it is in rainbow colour-alike! This design is from a Japan-based French Designer, Emmanuelle Moureaux who always creates pieces with combining the beauty of architecture and design.
So cute, but I wonder how’s the feel when I wearing it?
Itchy? : p



“Trading design, trading ideas” 是本届的主题,加强并展示年轻一代的创作品。
其中一项展览品是toge dress,其最为之惊讶的地方是彩虹色调。
Emmanuelle Moureaux是一名来自法国驻日本的设计师,她也是toge dress的设计师。