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Girls love kimono女孩都爱Kimono

26 Dicembre 2011

Are you having a Japan fashion fever like me?

Introduce this new festival to you all which is a live event showcased interesting music + fashion culture in Japan to Asia and the world.



Fashion producer, Jay f.R(the person who introduced Tokyo Girls Collection – TGC to the world too) and Phenomenal music artist, Yoshiki of X Japan who are the producers behind AGE.

Except of kimono fashion show, the most surprising moment which is special guests in the event…

Glad to see Olivia Palermo, new fashion icon also involved on the stage.

Wearing a Greek-Goddesses inspired white flowy dress, she looks gorgeous with the minimalistic-cutting sheer fabric.




时尚制作人,Jay f.R (他也是Tokyo Girls Collection – TGC的创办人)也是音乐艺术家,Yoshiki of X Japan。

在这庆典上,除了各式各样的kimono时尚外,最让人惊喜的时刻便是Olivia Palermo的莅临。