Here Seoul: Borbonese new store opened in Seoul

12 Giugno 2011

100 years of tradition of the italian luxury brand ” BORBONESE” has opened a store in Lotte Department Store in seoul by 7 June.
The store is based on white and beige color luxurious interior there are tote bags, shoulder bag, key holder and is unique OP (Occchio di Pernice) pattern consisted of a variety of stylish products.
In this year Borbonese is on 101 year anniversary of the birth this brand is prestige fashion house was born in torn in Italy.
Top quality craftsmanship and modern thought that it was a touch of color and design of a vary of products are applied.
Specially without brand logo like as other luxury brands they just have special initial but we can see identity of this brand with just OP pattern as well.
In addition to they will open more stores in Korea not only Seoul.