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The eye-opening trip to France-Monaco [part four]牵动人心的法国-摩纳哥之旅 [第四部]

25 febbraio 2013

We wowed by lots of jeans design previously,
now here we are to enjoy Jeansation Awards 2 which
I participated in November 2012.

There are few design’s categories,
these are sustainable jeans’ design!

Hope you all get inspired from them^^

Amazing jeans design from the designers around the world,
I’m glad to be one of them.

[will update it specific in another post]

Fumiko Kawa

之前,我们惊艳于第一届Jeansation Awards的牛仔设计。

现在且让我们一起欣赏第二届Jeansation Awards的牛仔设计,也就是我在2012年十一月参加的国际服装设计比赛。





Fumiko Kawa